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Learn German for your everyday life, work and studies

Learn German in a safe environment

The new courses in Zurich and Winterthur will start on 14 September 2020. We will also continue to offer digital courses for those who wish to learn from home.

In face-to-face teaching, we observe the ZHAW safety concept and the regulations set by the federal government and the Canton of Zurich.

The ZHAW constantly monitors developments in the Coronavirus situation so that we can adapt our safety concept in response to any changes.

To the ZHAW corona information page

At the ZHAW Institute of Language Competence, you can learn German from levels A2 to C2+ and acquire the skills necessary to communicate independently and competently in your studies, work and everyday life. Thanks to the close cooperation between our research, teaching and the Goethe Examination Centre, we can offer you the support you need to achieve your goals. Our many years of experience as a Goethe examination centre also allows us to guarantee the best possible preparation for Goethe certificate examinations from levels A1 to C2.

German courses A2 – C2+

In the regular courses, you practise all the language skills — reading, listening, speaking and writing — and reach the next level of the CEF (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in one semester. At the end of the semester, you can demonstrate your progress by taking the ZHAW level test or a Goethe exam.

In the special courses, you will work on the skills that are important to you: writing, communication, reading, pronunciation. You decide what you want to learn.

We use carefully selected teaching materials and apply modern methodology in all our courses. On our online learning platform, you can access additional course-specific materials for self-study.

Here is what former course participants have to say

«Nachdem ich die Goethe Zertifikats-Stufenkurse von B1 bis C2 abgeschlossen habe, überlege ich nun, einen Spezialkurs, wie z.B. "Sprache und Kultur", zu besuchen. Ich bin sehr an Fremdsprachen interessiert und motiviert weiter zu lernen.»

Konstantinos Karvounis, ehemaliger Kursteilnehmer

«Meine Deutschkenntnisse haben sich klar verbessert. Ich erhalte oft positive Rückmeldungen. Dadurch fühle ich mich sicherer und unabhängiger.»

Ana Bizot, ehemalige Kurteilnehmerin

«Die grössten Fortschritte habe ich beim Sprechen gemacht und bei der deutschen Grammatik. Mein Lehrer hat uns die Grammatik leichter gemacht und ich hatte beim Lernen sogar Spass.»

Jacobo Ortega Alonso, ehemaliger Kursteilnehmer

Additional offers

Treffpunkt Tandem

The tandem exchange "Treffpunkt Tandem" gives you the opportunity to improve your communication skills in German or another foreign language.

ZHAW learning platform

The online exercises offered on the ZHAW learning platform are available to participants free of charge.

German courses for students

German for ZHAW exchange students

German for ZHdK students