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German courses B1 to C2

The fall semester starts on 16 September 2024. The new courses will be available from July and you can register online.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email or call  058 934 60 90.

What do you want to achieve in German? Test your language skills with us free of charge, and together we will find the right course for you. We offer courses from level B1 to C2 online, in Zurich and in Winterthur that will allow you to communicate in German even more proficiently in just a short space of time.

Your path to finding the right course

Select a course and register directly

Choose the course from our course programme that will allow you to meet your objectives. You can register for a course online without taking a placement test if:

Take a free placement test and get a course recommendation 

Are you unsure what level your German is at? We can determine your current level of German with a thorough placement test. We will send you a link to the test for the courses at levels B1 to C1 or at level C2. Upon taking your placement test, you should also inform us of your personal goals for learning German. This will allow us to suggest courses that match your goals.

Experienced lecturers will assess your test, and you will receive your personal course recommendation from us within a few days.
Based on the results of your placement test, you can choose the offer that suits you best.

German courses on offer 

Level B1

Your goal is to become linguistically independent in everyday life. You want to understand important information in conversations, texts and on television and to be able to express your opinion.

Level B2 

You want to be able to communicate spontaneously and confidently in German in your professional environment, education and everyday life. During the course, you read, for example, non-fiction texts and newspaper articles and learn how to present your opinion orally and in writing.

Level C1 

You want to be able to exhibit linguistic expertise in everything you do, including at university and at work. During the course, you also read longer texts from non-fiction books and newspapers and learn how to express yourself in writing and orally in a clear and structured manner.

Level C2

You want to be able to communicate effortlessly, competently and successfully in German in any situation. In our C2 course, you read demanding non-fiction or literary texts. You learn to express yourself fluently and correctly in writing and orally on complex issues.

Here is what former course participants have to say