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Useful information for incoming students

Our bachelor's degree in Natural Resource Sciences prepares students for careers in the field of environmental protection, sustainability and energy.

Our students choose from different areas of focus and specialisations and complement their studies with additional modules suiting their own interests. Students who do an exchange semester with us can choose from a large number of these modules. In addition to a wide range of modules in German, we also offer some modules in English, mostly in the spring semester.

English modules are marked with “En”.

For the possible timetables and module descriptions, and the necessary prerequisites, you can contact Muriel Büttel (email).

In the master's programme in Environment and Natural Resources, students address central challenges of our time, develop their methodological competencies and work on innovative solutions in three research-based specialisations: Agroecology and Food Systems, Biodiversity and Ecosystems or Ecological Engineering and Renewable Energy. These specialisations are complemented by a wide range of modules. Exchange students can choose modules in German in the autumn semester and in English in the spring semester.

The timetables and module descriptions can be found on our website for the master's programme.

If you have any questions or need more information about the studies, Muriel Büttel would be more than happy to help you. If you would like to register for a semester as an incoming student with us or are in the registration process, the International Office will help you. You can find more practical information about a semester at ZHAW, such as residence permits or insurances, here.

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