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Geography of Food - Summer School 2017-2019

Designing Food Value Chains in Switzerland, India and Slovenia. Deadline for application phase 1 ends on 30th November.

2017 Zurich University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 2018 University of Agricultural Sciences (India), 2019 University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The existing food system is not in a position to feed the world's population over a prolonged period of time. The main challenges for humanity are not only to reduce environmental pollution, to use resources more efficiently, to preserve soil fertility, and to close nutrient cycles, but also to habe a stable harvest, to distribute food-stuffs more efficiently, to avoid waste, and to achieve fairer trade relations and more food sovereignty. In this regard, the restructuring of existing Food Value Chains (FVC), as well as the development of new sustainable ones on a local, at regional and international levels, plays an important role.

During the international Summer School, we will address strategies, capabilities and challenges which are concerned with the structuring of FVCs towards a sustainable food system. As participants, you will be given the opportunity to develop sustainable FVCs and to realise these in a local context.

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