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Review finds hundreds of chemicals migrating from recycled and reusable plastic FCMs

Scientists detect 509 food contact chemicals in plastic food contact materials (FCMs) made for reuse; 853 chemicals identified in recycled PET; study points out key knowledge gaps in available hazard data for frequently detected chemicals

review article, published in the new scientific journal Plastics on May 23, 2023, reveals the extent of hazardous chemicals that can be present in recycled and reusable plastic food contact articles. The authors from the Food Packaging Forum provide systematic evidence of food contact chemicals (FCCs) that have been detected in migrates and extracts from plastic food packaging, food containers, and kitchenware meant for reuse or containing recycled content. The underlying data were retrieved from the Database on Migrating and Extractable Food Contact Chemicals (FCCmigex) (FPF reported).


Review article