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The effort of making your own project video is worth it: A success story from a Health Research Hub project

Our researches have recorded short videos that describe the objectives of their projects funded by the Health Research Hub. The efforts were rewarded with remarkable attention – and even resulted in an invitation to a conference.

Recording a project video means an additional effort. But the effort is worth it! Thanks to last year's video of our Health Research Hub project Computational literature-based natural product drug discovery the group was invited to a conference. Their video caught the attention of collaborators of Don Swanson, who pioneered the field of Literature-Based Discovery (LBD). The contact led to their participation at LBD 2020 and a forthcoming manuscript publication. At the online workshop the group established contacts to the LBD community, including potential test users and collaborators.

We congratulate on this success!

More information about the project: Computational literature-based natural product drug discovery