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Play with water

Die Projektseiten «Play with Water» entstanden 2008 in Zusammenarbeit mit Projektpartnern aus der Schweiz, Deutschland, Schweden und Slovenien. Es gibt sie deshalb nur in englischer Sprache. Einige Inhalte und Anleitungen stehen als Download auch in deutscher Sprache zur Verfügung.

Die Kernidee von «Play with Water» ist Primarschulkinder anzuregen, über ihre Freude am Spielen mit Wasser ein lebhaftes, vertieftes Interesse an Zusammenhängen in der Natur zu entwickeln. Dazu dienen Versuchsanlagen ökotechnologischer Verfahren im Klassenzimmer wie Kompostierung, Pflanzenkläranlagen und kombinierte Fischzucht.

Viel Spass und Erfolg mit «Play with Water».

Have fun with trying out the experiments in your class!

The aim of Play with Water is to develop comprehensive teaching units which should enable primary school children (ISCED 1 Level of Education according to UNESCO) to discover basic concepts of ecology and obtain hands-on experience in cycling of elements in nature, and thus the potential of wastewater as a resource.

Play with Water supplies teachers with experiments that can easily be integrated in their natural science classes. The material is being developed in close cooperation with stakeholders in the field of education. All publicly available material can be found in the «Download» section of this website.

How to use play with water

Using Play-with-Water experiments is easy. You will find a number of experiments on various aspects of, e.g., on composting.

  • Select an experiment, print it out and use it for your teaching
  • In the download section of this website you can find additional background information on the experiments in PDF format

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Teaching units

  • In the Compost factory you find detailed instructions on how to set up a classroom compost and to let pupils experiment with biodegradable and non-degradable materials.
  • From Fish to tomato providesknow-how for combining the raising of fish with vegetable culture in your classroom.
  • Secrets of rivers reveals how rivers react to different conditions and to pollution and how you can explore these issues with your pupils on excursions.
  • Cleaning water with plants provides complete teaching units on treatment of wastewater in constructed wetlands, plus a recipe for artificial wastewater.