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ZHAW digital

ZHAW digital actively deals with the opportunities and challenges that arise from the digital transformation of society as a whole. We highlight and accelerate the activities by ZHAW in this area, and showcase them to the larger public.

The digital transformation is here! This comes with great opportunities, and challenges people, institutions and structures with new questions. To live up to our responsibility as a public educational and research institution, we are addressing this topic holistically by asking: "What does digital transformation mean for us as people, university and society?"

Our Approach

Photo by Agathe Marty on Unsplash

Our approach is twofold:

  • ZHAW digital serves as the collective identity and the accelerator for all ZHAW staff who are already actively tackling digital transformation in their field, or wish to do so. This identity continues to be developed and defined by the ZHAW digital Community.
  • ZHAW digital also serves as the point of contact and the interface between ZHAW and the broader community of the digitally interested and involved, and the political, economical and scientific spheres.

As a strategic initiative, we are positioned at the level of the executive board and are therefore well equipped to fulfill this mission.

Our Contribution

Photo by Caleb Minear on Unsplash

ZHAW is in the unique position to actively shape digital transformation on several levels:

  • The development of future-oriented educational offers and models allows us to educate holistically thinking specialists who can excert a positive influence on the public and the economy.
  • Our researchers offer an enormous breadth of practical approaches to answer the questions of the present while also focusing on the questions of the future.
  • To reach our educational and research goals, we are consistently driving the digitization of our own management, admin, and IT processes forward. This can allow us to serve as a role model for other organizations.


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