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ZHAW digital - Education Portfolio

Educational Philosophy

We think the methods have to live up to the educational objectives. We build on effective teaching and learning formats and continuously adjust them to meet the demands of the topics and the needs of our students and teaching staff. And we don't just think about individualized learning: we think about how to best prepare our students for a mostly unknown, future working environment and job market with applied competency development.

Numerous teaching staff are successfully using digital methods and tools in their classes already. ZHAW digital will present such welcome initiatives (German Only) here, in order to encourage an exchange of experiences.

Educational Offers

Whether it's a single course or an entire degree: at the ZHAW you learn to actively shape the digital transformation. Please note that only some offers and descriptions are available in English (they are marked with *). Please contact the provider directly or ask us - - if you need more Information.


Are you missing an/your offer? Let us know - - or read this.