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Research and Development / Business Services Unit

The Research and Development / Business Services Unit strengthens the areas of activity of “applied research” and “business services” at a university level, taking account of the potential offered by the ZHAW’s position as a multidisciplinary institution. The unit not only acts as an information hub, but also offers support to the Schools and the Executive Board in developing the ZHAW and raising its profile.

As an information hub, the unit provides support to researches by preparing and passing on research-relevant information, clarifying administrative procedures, organising information and training events for researchers, and coordinating research activities in the event of a corresponding mandate.

To raise the profile of the ZHAW’s research, the unit helps to build awareness and make the university’s work visible at both a political level and within the ZHAW itself. The unit deals with current and strategically relevant research topics and in doing so involves the researchers as well as the Schools, the President’s Office and other specialist departments such as Finance and Services.

At a strategic level, the unit is headed up by Prof. Andreas Gerber-Grote, Dean of the School of Health Professions. Responsibility for the unit’s operational management lies with Dr Martin Jaekel, Head of the Research and Development / Business Services Unit. The members of the R&D committee, who are in regular contact and discuss relevant research topics, act as an interface between the unit and the Schools.