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Supporting our University

The ZHAW is a public university, which means that the Canton of Zurich, the federal government and other cantons contribute financially to teaching and research & development. However, there are also various ways in which companies and individuals can support us.

In the key performance areas of continuing education and research & development, the services provided are financed by ZHAW clients as well as other stakeholders. In addition, there are opportunities for companies and individuals to make financial contributions. University's autonomy over its research and teaching is always retained. In 2014, the Canton of Zurich contributed 38% towards the financing of the university in the four statutory areas of teaching (Bachelor, Master), continuing education, applied research & development and services. Other sources of funding were the federal government (23%), other cantons (18%) and third parties, including other income streams (21%) (see Annual Report 2014(PDF 3,6 MB)).

Invest in the future

As a company or an individual, you can help us in various ways – for example, by financing an endowed professorship, supporting the development of student housing or summer schools, or by making a financial contribution to support and develop innovative spin-offs and start-ups. We would be very pleased to advise you further on how you can invest in the future as a valued partner of one of Switzerland’s leading universities of applied sciences.