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Dorian Selz

How to Harvest Data that Matters – and Build a Company Around It

Slides (PDF, 2.0 MB)(PDF 2,0 MB)

Abstract - 80% of enterprise data is unstructured data – call notes, research, email, chats, and more. However, 95% of decision-making is based on structured data (the other 20%), leaving a lot of relevant information untouched in any decision-making process.

This market gap is what Squirro addresses. With its unique Smart Filter and Concept Search technologies, Squirro is able to extract value from text. Squirro combines structured and unstructured data to provide the ‘Why’ behind the data. The result is a real-time contextual stream providing an embedded 360° context radar delivering better business all around. 

Squirro is built by a Zurich based startup, started two years ago. The founding team previously founded and built and The talk will outline how the team zeroed in on this opportunity, what it took to get this company off the ground, and why we got our first global customer on the premise of harvesting data that matters.

Biography - Dr. Dorian Selz is a co-founder of Squirro. Before that he co-founded the Swiss search platform and was its CEO until December 2008. He was a partner & COO at Namics, Switzerland’s largest E-Business consultancy and has a PHD in Information Systems from the University of St. Gallen.