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Continuing education

We offer practice-oriented and scientifically based continuing education courses, from short courses to comprehensive professional Master’s programmes, with a focus on reflection and practical application. The courses are suitable for university graduates with several years of professional experience or for those with proven specialist expertise in their field.

Scientifically based and competence-oriented

The competence-oriented approach to education at the ZHAW is underpinned by theoretical, empirical and pedagogic principles. Graduates of our continuing education programmes and courses are able to apply their knowledge responsibly in challenging professional fields. All courses are taught by qualified and committed lecturers who can ensure the practical relevance and scientific basis of the teaching. The well-established and broad range of courses is regularly reviewed, improved and updated to meet the needs of participants.

A holistic approach to learning

At the ZHAW, the teaching methods are guided by the content and aims of the course and the participants benefit from a dynamic mix of teacher input, practical examples, exercises and case studies. Particular emphasis is placed on discussing the lecturer's and the participants' practical experience, as well as on highlighting how knowledge acquired during the course can be transferred to the workplace. In this way, the ZHAW facilitates sustainable, lifelong learning, enabling participants to increase their professional knowledge and to expand their network of contacts.