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Digital Futures Lab

Digital Futures Lab supports and connects digital shapers––members of ZHAW who significantly shape digital transformation with the work they do.

Digital shapers drive digital transformation with their work at ZHAW––whether this be in research and service industry, in education and continuing education or in third space. This is not done alone but in exchange with the community. As a result, ideas and projects form which push the boundaries between disciplines and fields and create a social effect. If you would like to learn more about the community’s projects, go ahead and visit the official Digital Futures Lab blog. Or have a look at the video of our online launch.

Are you a digital shaper and would like to benefit from the development opportunities offered by ZHAW digital? Then apply here.

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Do you think one of your ZHAW colleagues should absolutely become a member of the Digital Futures Lab? Then nominate that person:

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Member Benefits

Digital Futures Lab members benefit from an excellent network, uncomplicated forms of collaboration and very specific and exclusive support programs. They utilize the community to further improve their own work. In return, they bring their own competences, personalities and networks to the group. Digital shapers can count on the following specific benefits:

ZHAW digital uses its financial means to create supportive conditions for digital transformation. This occurs on a project related base, for example through Digital Futures Fund calls. The calls are directed at all ZHAW employees. However, the allocation of funds is made exclusively to Digital Futures Lab members. In this way, no one is excluded from an allocation round, but at the same time it is ensured that funds are allocated within the context of the Digital Futures Lab and its network.

We ensure that work and achievements are made visible. We continuously present projects and people from the community on the Digital Futures Lab blog, as well as on the ZHAW digital website. You can send us your own texts or we will send our science writer to you. Over a cup of coffee, you can discuss your current project and he will then write an article, a press release or make a video contribution.

Innovation should not be curbed by administrative concerns. This is why Digital Futures Lab supports community members with an entry service for maintaining databases, such as digitalcollection or project database “Projektdatenbank”.

Each year, ZHAW presents the Digital Shaper Award. ZHAW members can nominate community members whose contribution to digital transformation has been outstanding. The winner will receive a cash prize and will be inducted into the hall of fame.

Networking is a central element of the Digital Futures Lab. Not only among themselves but also with experts worldwide. The scouting program supports digital shapers form networks with other universities. Venture out into the world and come back with the best ideas. Take all the good you have learned at ZHAW and let the world know about it. Ensure that the results are fed back into the community and the new network boosts the digital initiative in the long run.

In the near future, community members will have exclusive access to our matchmaking platform, which connects them with suitable experts at ZHAW. In the background, an AI system will create competence profiles based on previously available online information, such as job descriptions or published texts. In doing so, expertise is made tangible without you having to manually maintain another profile.

The DIZH Fellowship

The DIZH Fellowship is a person-based funding program of ZHAW digital. Outstanding researchers working on digitalisation can apply for financial funding to explore a topic in more depth. By receiving funding, they will become so-called DIZH Fellows and automatically become members of the Digital Futures Lab. Marcela Ruiz and Christian Rapp are two of the current DIZH Fellows. Get to know them better here.

Two are not enough? Do you want to find out more about the DIZH Fellows? Click on this link to get to know all DIZH Fellows.


You have questions concerning the Digital Futures Lab? Our community managers Aleksandra Gnach and Ricardo Farina are here to help.