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André Golliez

Data Society – the Impact of Sharing Data on Our Everydays Life

Slides (PDF, 3.8 MB)(PDF 3,9 MB)

Abstract - The growing impact of data on our society is out of question. Big companies, that are collecting huge amounts of data, are trying to get analytical results relevant for future consumer decisions out of the data deluge. Their goal is to influence daily behavior of every single customer in specific directions: Big Data – Big Business – Big Brother? On the other hand, individuals are collecting data themselves as customers, citizens and patients, or have at least the right to access their personal digital shadow – My Data! From this point of view we are all data billionaires. Consciously sharing our data assets with others, be it individuals, companies or scientific institutions, opens up the possibility to get personalized insights and digital services beyond terrifying Big Brother scenarios.

Biography – André Golliez is managing partner of the IT consulting company itopia ag studied computer science at ETH Zurich until 1986. He then worked as an IT manager in the engineering industry and the financial sector. In 1999 he and his partners founded the company itopia ag. Furthermore, he specialized in strategic IT consulting for public administrations. From 2004 to 2009 André Golliez was the president of the Swiss computer science society. The Open Government Data (OGD) – Study Switzerland was conducted under his direction. Also, he accompanied the running federal and cantonal OGD projects as a consultant. Since January 2012, he is the president of the Association (, the Swiss Chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation (, and participated in the preparation and implementation of the Open Knowledge Conference 2013 in Geneva.