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Research activities School of Social Work

The latest publications and projects from the School of Social Work.



  • Customized training for employees of a public institution

    Development and implementation over several years of a customised training programme for employees of a public institution.

  • Psychosocial factors in the everyday life of refugee children in collective centers - an explorative analysis

    Refugee children and their parents live in a difficult and often stressful health situation. In the study "Psychosocial factors in the everyday lives of refugee children in collective centers", we are interested in what can help children deal with their challenges. The project examines their living situation and ...

  • Professional Development of Care Leavers

    Research question What factors and conditions promote or hinder care leavers' studies at a higher vocational college or university? What support do care leavers need in order to achieve their educational goals successfully? Background Care leavers are young people in transition to adulthood who have spent part of ...

  • Social Virtual Reality: Training toolkit for the assessment of emotional maltreatment of children

    A comprehensive training service based on a virtual reality (VR) simulation will be developed to train social work professionals and students in the use of a diagnostic guide including structured interviewing methods to assess emotional maltreatment of children.

  • Hypervulnerability and Agency

    Migrant women working in domestic service have been particularly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic by virtue of their social position and legal status. This project aims to study the effects of the pandemic on these women’s lives. Female domestic workers from a migrant background play an essential role in keeping ...