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Several research groups at the ZHAW are working on issues related to climate change, making a valuable contribution on the path to a livable and renewable future.

Climate change is progressing almost unchecked. In the coming decades, solutions must be found not only to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also to adapt to new climate extremes. With its wide range of disciplines, the ZHAW is involved in numerous innovative projects - in urban regions, in agriculture, in tourism, in architecture or in energy. ClimateChange@ZHAW, an initiative of ZHAW lecturers and researchers, pools forces within the university and strengthens its visibility to the outside world.


To enable the ZHAW to address the increasingly complex (climate) problems of today and tomorrow through the multidisciplinary expertise of numerous teams, ClimateChange@ZHAW provides a suitable platform for linking like-minded researchers. For example, a ZHAW competence matrix is currently being developed for rapid identification of suitable project or teaching partners. Regular networking events on a specific topic accelerate problem-solving of complex issues. Students benefit from increased teaching exchange between departments. And finally results of climate research projects will be regularly communicated to the public.


Tackling climate change mitigation and adaptation challenges requires highly interdisciplinary teams that can be formed in an agile manner through direct exchange and robust networks. Our vision is to be able to offer a solution to every conceivable applied (climate) problem - be it exclusively with ZHAW-internal expertise or also in addition with competences from external universities. 

Students who want to work to combat climate change should be able to find answers to the problems of the future in interdepartmental semester, project, bachelor's, and/or master's theses, and benefit from a broad network of lecturers and researchers.

ZHAW employees can find more information on the intranet


ClimateChange@ZHAW sees itself as a call for a common working philosophy. We are happy to receive requests for the competence matrix, contributions to collaboration projects or general questions on climate change topics. We also welcome suggestions and new topics for the ZHAW sustainable Lunches, for potential conferences or for new projects.