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Our platforms and tools

The ZHAW provides its staff and students with a large number of digital tools for teaching and learning. The most important apps and resources are listed below, with direct links for easy access.

“Digitale Lehre” portal

On the Digitale Lehre portal (in German), you will find topical information about scenarios and tools relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Moodle is our learning management system and the main e-learning tool for making educational material and activities available to ZHAW students.

Mahara (SWITCHportfolio)

The Mahara e-portfolio platform facilitates learning through documentation and reflection, either individually or in groups. Content created on Mahara can be supplemented with digital media, shared and discussed.


As of autumn semester 2020, Webex is available at the ZHAW for online meetings and webinars. In addition, Webex can be used to stream face-to-face teaching done in appropriately equipped rooms in the ZHAW (hybrid teaching). Students can also use Webex to plan and conduct online meetings.


The ZHAW has a limited-term licence for the Zoom video conferencing system due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but because of data protection requirements Zoom can only be used until the end of autumn semester 2021.


SWITCHinteract is another tool available to ZHAW staff and students for online meetings and webinars. It offers numerous functionalities applicable in teaching contexts. This service is based on the video conferencing tool Adobe Connect.


Students and staff at Swiss universities can use SWITCHtube similarly to YouTube to upload, view and manage videos – with access only for oneself, for a team, for an institution or for the general public.


SWITCHcast is a video platform that videos can be uploaded to via a Moodle plug-in and made available only to the participants of a specific course. Students can also upload or annotate videos in SWITCHcast.

Office 365

The Microsoft Office 365 software suite offers many possibilities for teaching and learning: ZHAW staff and students have access to a large amount of cloud storage space as well as various tools designed for collaboration, communication and documentation, including MS Teams for online meetings.


Mentimeter is a tool for carrying out live polls during classes or at conferences. It is especially suitable for animating large groups to participate and contribute ideas. With Mentimeter, questions can be asked in real-time, answered online and immediately evaluated.

If you have any questions about how to use these tools and services in teaching, contact the Blended Learning Unit.