Datalab - The ZHAW Data Science Laboratory

Vision & Mission

We are convinced that doing data science in all its facets is the sexiest profession one can pursue. We have a passion for our subject and love to see it transformed into either of

  • business value through innovative research projects, aiming mainly (but not exclusively) at Swiss SMEs
  • new data scientists through passionate teaching of data science foundations and advanced topics; we educate our students towards being researchers as well as practitioners.

Our goal is to be a nationally leading and internationally recognized center of excellence for research, teaching and services in the area of data science.  Datalab closely cooperates with industry, enabling innovation and technology transfer.

In order to reach these goals, we foster interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange of ideas between our members and associates.

Who we are

Datalab is a virtual organization at Zurich University of Applied Sciences, spanning several departments and institutes. It concentrates Data Science activities conducted by different researchers at their respective institutes and research units within ZHAW, bringing them into close collaboration by means of various activities.

Datalab was founded in 2013 by the InIT Institute of Applied Information Technology and the IDP Institute of Data Analysis and Process Design. It is comprised of institutional members and lives through the collaboration of its associates (i.e., active affiliates of its members) and partners. Datalab is governed by its Managing Board. See also the Datalab charter (PDF, 390 KB) on how to get involved yourself!

"Datalab is an important player in Switzerland at the interface of applied research and innovation. Data Science is a primary field for Universities of Applied Sciences like ZHAW. In line with our strategy, in line with our mission, Datalab is present in the field of Data Science – a separate discipline but interdisciplinary."


Prof. Dr. Jean-Marc Piveteau, President of ZHAW


Datalab's Managing Board is concerned about the overall strategy. It initiates lab activities like events, collaborations or educational initiatives, so that all associates are free to work together on topics and projects of their choice.

Operational Leadership

Dr. Thilo Stadelmann

Dr. Thilo Stadelmann

Deputy Head of Research/Focus Area, Information ...
Senior lecturer (Associate Professor equivalent) ...

+41 (0) 58 934 72 08

Managing Board


Members of Datalab are organizational units of ZHAW. All members are active and/or interested in data science, and they have substantial potential and intent to push forward lab and its goals.

Associated partner institutes

Associated partner institutes of Datalab are organizational units of ZHAW. They are interested in the subject of the Datalab and aspire to become an active member in the future.


This is the living list of people (in alphabetical order) collaborating within the confines of the Datalab (as affiliates of our members). You find information on personal skills and project involvement on the linked personal sites. We attached a few working areas for each individual in order to give a hint whom to contact for a specific request. The list is by no means complete.

Dr. Philipp Ackermann - information visualization

Katrin Affolter - database technology, natural language processing

Dr. Maria Anisimova - probabilistic modeling, high-performance computing for genomics

Prof. Gerold Baudinot - data warehousing, data mining

Fernando Benites - data analysis, machine learning, text mining

Prof. Dr. Martin Braschler - cross-language information retrieval, natural language processing

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Breymann - financial modeling, integrated risk analysis

Nils Andri Bundi - financial data, modeling & analysis

Mario Christensen - big data, machine learning, data analysis

Dr. Mark Cieliebak - efficient algorithms, data analysis, sentiment detection

Dr. Marcel Dettling - predictive analytics, high-dimensional problems, machine learning

Dr. Oliver Dürr - applied mathematics, advanced statistics

Dr. Phillipp Egli - data protection, data regulation, IT law

Gabriel Eyyi - machine learning, deep learning

Dr. Dandolo Flumini - functional programming, formal methods & verification

Dr. Martin Frey - statistical data analysis, environmental sciences

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Marcel Füchslin - complex system modeling, evolutionary methods

Dr. Manuel Gil - computational statistics, algorithm design

Dr. Stefan Glüge - (recurrent) neural networks, deep learning, speech/language processing

Stefan Hegyi - IT law, data protection & privacy, copyright

Prof. Dr. Christoph Heitz - predictive maintenance, data-based process modeling

Jonas Heitz - big data, machine learning, data analysis

Dr. Andreas Henrici - stability of integrable systems, delay-feedback systems

Dr. Sven Hirsch - data-driven modeling & simulation of diseases

Dr. Christoph Hofer - statistical data analysis, geostatistics

Dr. Lukas Hollenstein - discrete event simulation, statistical modelling & optimization

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Hutter - speech recognition, deep learning

Melanie Imhof  - information retrieval, machine learning

Dr. Christian Jäger - control theory

Norman Juchler - medical image processing, machine learning, shape analysis

Dr. Lukas Lichtensteiger - Robotics, energy technology

Dr. Jürg Meierhofer - data product design, data-driven service engineering

Dr. Thoralf Mildenberger - statistical data analysis, machine learning

Elvis Murina - statistics, machine learning, deep learning

Dr. Jörg Osterrieder - financial modelling, algorithmic trading, data analysis for finance

Prof. Dr. Thomas Ott - machine learning, pattern recognition, nature-inspired algorithms

Prof. Dr. Marc Rennhard - security, privacy

Prof. Dr. Andreas Ruckstuhl - statistical data analysis, descriptive and predictive modelling

Prof. Dr. Stephan Scheidegger - systems medicine, multi-level modeling

Dr. Sabine Schilling - machine learning on medical images, modelling of biological signalling pathways

Prof. Dr. Beate Sick - machine learning, design of experiment, modeling of high-dimensional data

Ana-Claudia Sima - big data, batch & stream processing and bioinformatics

Dr. Thilo Stadelmann - artificial intelligence, machine learning, multimedia analysis

Prof. Dr. Kurt Stockinger - big data, data warehousing, advanced database technology & analytics

Dr. Matthias Templ - computational statistics, compositional data analysis, imputation method

Vasily Tolkachev - machine learning, stochastic processes, R

Lukas Tuggener - machine learning, deep learning, statistics

Dr. Robert Vorburger - stochastic modeling with monte-carlo particle simulations, medical image processing, data and information visualization

Dr. Michael Widmer - data protection, IT and intellectual property law

Prof. Dr. Marc Wildi - time series analysis, econometrics

Prof. Dr. Dirk Wilhelm - imaging techniques, computational fluid dynamics, high performance computing

Christoph Zaugg - modeling of stochastic systems, data driven optimization


Our alumni with their last known place of work.


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Getting involved

The Managing Board decides on applications of new members, associates and partners. New members preferably add new skills to the lab and are complementary to other members (compare the Datalab charter).

Please get in touch with us if you are interested.