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Datalab - The ZHAW Data Science Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Jean-Marc Piveteau, Rektor der ZHAW

«Datalab is an important player in Switzerland at the interface of applied research and innovation. Data Science is a primary field for Universities of Applied Sciences like ZHAW. In line with our strategy, in line with our mission, Datalab is present in the field of Data Science – a separate discipline but interdisciplinary.»

Prof. Dr. Jean-Marc Piveteau, President of ZHAW

Who we are

Datalab is a virtual organization at Zurich University of Applied Sciences, spanning several departments and institutes.

It is comprised of institutional Members and lives through the collaboration of its Associates (i.e., active affiliates of its members) and Partners.

Datalab is governed by its Board.

Vision & Mission

We are convinced that doing data science in all its facets is the sexiest profession one can pursue. We have a passion for our subject and love to see it transformed into either of

Our goal is to be a nationally leading and internationally recognized center of excellence for research, teaching and services in the area of data science. The Datalab closely cooperates with industry, enabling innovation and technology transfer.

In order to reach these goals, we foster interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange of ideas between our members and associates.

Getting involved

The Managing Board decides on applications of new members, associates and partners. New members preferably add new skills to the lab and are complementary to other members.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested.

What's going on