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Our research focuses on topics relevant to industry and society. Find out more about what we’re doing in our diverse research projects.

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Recent research projects

  • Good practices for responsible development of AI-based applications in healthcare

    This project will identify proven methods, practices and standards that support responsible research and development of AI systems for health. They will be tested in use cases from medical imaging and neurotechnology, publicly released and published as a guideline of recommended best practices.  ...

  • Tech4SDG – Guiding Swiss Asset Managers towards High-Impact SMEs

    High-impact, social SMEs remain broadly unknown to impact investors and asset managers due to limited information and identification problems. To overcome the asymmetry of information and provide reliable guidance to Swiss asset managers, we aim to create an automated big data platform for the identification, ...

  • Machine Learning Enhanced Process Simulation in Laser Pow­der Bed Fusion (LPBF)

    The project aims to develop and implement dedicated calibration procedures and parts that are tailored to critical applications of ABB and Sauber, to improve the accuracy of distortion predictions for specific components. Machine learning is then used to enhance simulations also beyond the calibrated regime. This ...

  • Adoption in forced situations

    The history of national and international adoptions in Switzerland has hardly been studied. Adoption is a drastic process for the persons concerned. The child is removed from its family of origin and finds its place anew in the adoptive family. Historically, care and coercion have often gone hand in hand in this ...

  • GraphQueryML – Using Machine Learning to Optimize Queries in Graph Databases (SNSF/DFG)

    Optimizing the brain of databases with machine learning: Query optimization is one of the hardest problems of database systems research. A query optimizer can be considered as the “brain” of the system that makes sure that queries are executed efficiently. Even after several decades of research, many sub-problems ...

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