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Our research focuses on topics relevant to industry and society. Find out more about what we’re doing in our diverse research projects.

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Recent research projects

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  • Extended Education facilitation Key competence cooperative learning (EKCO)

  • RobotCare - User experience in development of service robots for elderly care

    Objectives of the project: Establish a systematic dialogue between the technology developers and researchers and the elderly/healthcare institution stakeholders (including medical, care, and service personnel, management, patients, and their families) in both regions and develop a suitable international community ...

  • National Competence Center of Research Catalysis

    Within the National Competence Centre of Research (NCCR) Catalysis (Phase II), we will work on the following two topics: Algorithm-aided directed evolution of biocatalysis Biocatalytic C-H functionalization of sustainable building blocks

  • Technology-supported stress management training for professionals in the nursing profession

    A high level of stress is documented among nursing students, which has a negative impact on their health, satisfaction and ability to remain in the profession. Problematic interactions that place high demands on emotional self-control are considered to be a major stressor. Measures to promote competence in dealing ...

  • Decentralised Decision-Making in DAOs: Learnings for Digital Democracy

    Blockchain technology has enabled decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), which are self-governing communities that use smart contracts on a blockchain. DAOs make decisions about day-to-day operations and structural changes through community voting, generating a wealth of data in the process. This data ...