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Finance & Services

We provide services at the ZHAW – for students, employees and visitors.

Finance & Services offers professional services in the areas of Finance & Controlling, Human Resources, Facility Management, Information & Communication Technology, as well as in the University Library, and is also responsible for sport, (student) accommodation and catering on campus. Furthermore, Finance & Services provides necessary infrastructure and supports the responsible and economic use of all financial and human resources.

Finance & Controlling (F&C)

The main task of the Finance department is to ensure strong support for the management and to provide decision-making bases for the financial controlling of the university and its organisational units. Central to these controlling tasks are the various accounting services of Financial Accounting (accounts receivable management, including collection, procurement management including creditor/payment processing, financial management of investments, etc.).

Human Resources (HR)

Approximately 3,000 people from 49 nations work at the ZHAW. Our employees enjoy the stimulating working environment and the scope for creativity at our university. The campus locations, in Winterthur, Wädenswil and Zurich, offer a high quality of life. The Human Resources department looks for the right person for every position and then supports employees in their professional development.

Facility Management (FM)

The Facility Management department is responsible for running and maintaining buildings and plant. The reliable provision of a wide range FM services in day-to-day university life is one important area of its work; others are forward planning and the further development of the infrastructure.

Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT is responsible for the provision, running and constant development of the central information and communication infrastructure. It includes the following areas: network, VoIP, server services, work station systems and office automation, as well as centrally administered business applications. ICT is developing innovative solutions for the implementation of the ZHAW Strategy 2025 to digitalise processes, and provides the University with strategic advantages over peer universities.

University Library (UL)

The University Library mainly holds collections relating to the subject areas taught and researched into at the ZHAW. As well as media in print form, the University Library offers all members of the ZHAW a wide range of e-media, e-journals and data banks. The modern lay-out and substantial facilities enhance the UL as a place of learning. Information competence is provided according to the relevant level and student need. The UL also provides support in questions of open access and publishing.


The protection of people, the environment, buildings, infrastructure and data is very important at the ZHAW. In the case of any incident, the ZHAW will take every precaution so that any further damage to the individual(s) concerned and/or to the university may be avoided as far as possible.



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