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Mission statement

Graduates of the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences possess reflective, professional, research and practice-based competences which can be applied in demanding professional fields in our knowledge-based society. The dual emphasis of higher education is guaranteed by the programmatic coupling of studying with research and development, as well as with practical application.

What is fundamental to all of our degree and continuing education programmes is their scientific foundation and evaluation, as well as the systematic reflection of the competence-oriented educational process involving students, lecturers and external experts from the spheres of science, practice and society. In this way, the basis for successful life-long learning is laid.

Qualitatively and quantitatively strong research and development which focuses on specific areas gives the Zurich University of Applied Sciences its incisive profile as regards content. The research and development is linked with our degree and continuing education programmes, with business services and with practice - conceptually and organisationally, as well as in terms of subject and staffing. Furthermore, it is oriented to international scientific communities and standards.

The sustainability of our society is a central concern at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, which is a stimulating place for transformative science, oriented towards societal challenges. This knowledge is based on an understanding of innovation which takes into account cultural, ecological, economic, legal, social and technical challenges. Transformative education, research and development, and also services, are anchored disciplinarily and are often set up interdisciplinarily and transdisciplinarily, as well as involving inter-university cooperation.

The Zurich University of Applied Sciences is regionally integrated and cooperates with international partners. It is oriented towards global challenges and markets and it is a university with a focus on Europe. It actively participates in the further development of the European Higher Education and Research Areas, as well of European economic, social and cultural environments.

Qualified and motivated service-oriented employees and management are a prerequisite for the Zurich University of Applied Sciences to accomplish its mission and achieve its goals as a well-managed university. The university creates an environment which allows it to attract, promote and keep the right people. It creates and lives out a university culture based on individual responsibility, creativity, an ability to reflect and deal with conflict, esteem, dialogue, participation and its principles of diversity and equal opportunity.

Physical and technical infrastructure are of a high standard. They support and facilitate the university in achieving its strategic goals, maintaining a competitive advantage in a competitive environment and enhancing the international attractiveness of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.