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Organization Development and Consulting

We develop and share knowledge and practices for the positive development of people and social systems.

The Organization Development and Consulting section has a systemic-constructivist point of view and is based on the values of humanistic and positive psychology. The systemic-constructivist perspective takes the basic inner logic of systems into account and points out that truth is always negotiation. The values of humanistic and positive psychology result in humane practices, the details of which are to be defined. At present, the section focuses on the following topics:

Research topics


In our study programme we recognize our students as adults who have in part extensive experience and competencies and who are seeking in their studies to acquire further knowledge and abilities. Specific learning settings stimulate autonomous thinking and in-depth examination of the diverse contents. We view students as autonomous customers but also present them with learning  challenges, feedback, and assignments. Here we value mutual critical analysis.

Graduates of our study programme are able to analyse complex situations and to relativize them according to the particular context. In this way, they are specialists in the fuzzy and the provisional.


Transdisciplinary and international activities

Holistic learning is closely connected with personal experience. Notwithstanding the age of digitalization and virtualization, not every context and every experience can be simulated. We therefore offer our students a variety of opportunities to experience themselves in other contexts. We have developed various formats—excursions, workshops, and learning journeys—that allow explorations in topic areas in work and organizational psychology as well as in other, complementary disciplines.

Together with partner organizations at different locations we provide learning architectures and designs for the “next society”. These include learning journeys to Israel and India, excursions to Berlin, and a variety of other opportunities in Switzerland and abroad.

Design Thinking (Berlin)

In the Master’s programme module on Entrepreneurship, students take a look at their own entrepreneurial potential and innovation capability. In different ways, these two components play an important role in the world of work today. One part of the module is a 2-day workshop at Dark Horse in Berlin.

Learning Journey (India)

Learning Journey India is a cooperation programme of the Organization Development and Consulting section with the Takshashila Institute of India Studies. The study trip to Bangalore takes place in the summer. The goal of the trip is for students to dive into Indian culture and life and to learn about psychological topics in the Indian context.

Diverse partnerships in India

  • Visit one of the kitchens of the Akshaya Patra Foundation
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur
  • Conference on “Advances in Leadership & Management”

Learning Journey (Israel)

In the Bachelor’s programme, the Organization Development and Consulting section offers a study trip to Israel. The goal of the trip is for students to learn about the social, ethnic, political, and religious complexity of the country.  

Documentary film on the 2017 study trip by students

Positive Organization (Bangkok)

One of the section’s research topics is positive organizations. We teach this subject also at various universities and academic institutions abroad, such as in Bangkok in a PhD course at Assumption University.


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