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Supported Education in Switzerland

Improve integration of young adults with psychiatric disorders in the labour market

Assisting with the transition to working life

Supported Education is a type of intervention that provides support and other assistance to young adults with psychiatric disabilities during their apprenticeships on the primary labour market. Support and assistance is provided by a job coach and is meant to give the young adult the support needed for successful completion of the apprenticeship and thus long-term integration in the job market. In Switzerland there are numerous institutions that offer Supported Education. However, it is not known how many young adults utilize Supported Education services and what consulting approaches and concepts the service providers use. Supported Education has not been the subject of research in Switzerland up to now. This research project focuses exclusively on young adults with psychiatric disabilities.

This survey of Supported Education on offer in the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland for young adults with psychiatric disorders has the following aims:

In the first phase of the project, an online survey will be conducted with job coaches at the various institutions. Among other things, the questionnaire contains questions on how many young adults are currently utilizing the services on offer, how the apprentices are supported, and what consulting approach and concepts are followed.

In the second phase, the lives of the young adults will be examined based on qualitative interviews within three to four Supported Education service providers. This will be examined from the perspective of the young adults themselves but also from the perspective of their job coaches, employers, and if possible parents. In the third phase, the results will be combined and examined by a group of experts for well-founded support.

Project leader