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Admission to the Bachelor’s degree programme

In addition to fulfilling formal requirements, all applicants must pass an aptitude assessment.

Admission requirements

  1. At least 1 year of work experience (PDF 479,4 KB in German) outside of education/training. At the time of applying, all applicants must document 12 months of 100% employment (or longer, if part-time) with job references and/or employment confirmations.
  2. Applicants must have the following qualifications:
    a) Federal Vocational Baccalaureate (all fields), Specialized Baccalaureate, Baccalaureate (gymnasiale Matura) or
    b) Diploma from an accredited university of applied sciences (FH/UAS) or professional education institution (HF/PEI)
  3. Persons who had to discontinue psychology studies at a higher education institution due to  failing modules twice are not eligible to apply to the ZHAW degree programmes (BSc or MSc) in psychology.
  4. Passing results on a two-part aptitude assessment (fee required)
  5. Very good German language skills and good English skills. Students will be expected to read scientific texts in English (abstracts, reports, case studies) and follow classes/instruction held in English. We strongly recommend that students who do not fulfil these language requirements take language courses before or during the start of their studies. Computer user skills are required.

Aptitude assessment

For applicants meeting the formal requirements, the next step is a two-part aptitude assessment. The results of the assessment lead to a ranking, based on which we allocate study places. The final study place allocations are made only at the very end of the application period. Applications are valid only for the next scheduled start of studies and cannot be used for a later start of studies in another year.

Bachelor’s degree programme, full-time study, fall semester

Applications accepted: 1 August to 31 January

  • Application submitted by mid-October → Notification by end of December
  • Application submitted by end of December → Notification by end of February
  • Application submitted by end of January → Notification by end of May

Online application (in German)

Bachelor’s degree programme, part-time study, spring semester

Applications accepted: 1 February to 31 July

  • Application submitted by mid-March → Notification by end of May
  • Application submitted by end of June → Notification by end of August
  • Application submitted by end of July → Notification by end of October

Online application (in German)

Aptitude assessment

The first part of the two-part aptitude is a test on cognitive abilities for studies in applied psychology. Positive test results grant access to the second part of the assessment.
The second part assesses personal requirements for psychology studies and for later work as a psychologist.

Test results notification
After the first part, you will receive the results of the written test on cognitive abilities (passed/did not pass); if you passed, notification will include an invitation to the individual assessment. If you did not pass, this second part is no longer necessary. Applicants completing the second part of the assessment receive notification of the allocation of study places. If you do not obtain a study place, you are entitled to a free feedback interview.

Cost of the assessment
The following costs are based on the Ordinance Governing Tuition and Fees at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, effective 1 August 2008:

Bachelor’s degree programme with a foreign school-leaving certificate

If you earned, in another country or in Switzerland, a foreign school-leaving certificate or other qualification (for example, Abitur or International Baccalaureate), submit the documents required by the degree programme office (Studiengangsekretariat) for evaluation of equivalency. Evaluation of equivalency follows the Guidelines on Admission to Bachelor’s Degree Programme and takes place when you submit an application. For further questions, contact the Administration Office of the degree programme to which you are applying.