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Structure and content

The Bachelor’s degree programme in applied psychology is the first step towards a career as a psychologist.

Course of study

The Bachelor’s degree programme can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. The workload is the same: Students must complete 180 ECTS credits. The degree programme has a modular structure and follows a standard course of study. Modules are study units on specific topics; a module consists of one or more courses. The courses cover various contents and aspects of the module topic. Most of the courses are taught in German. Each module is completed individually by documented completion of the course requirements (written exam, papers, presentations, presence). For each successfully completed module, the student earns a fixed number of ECTS credits. ECTS credits are the units for the credit transfer system. To complete graduation requirements for this Bachelor’s degree, students must document successful completion of 180 ECTS credits.


The workload for one ECTS credit is about 30 hours. The hours include in-class instruction and guided and independent self-study. Completing a Bachelor’s degree thus requires approximately 5,400 hours of work, or 40 hours (full-time study) or 27 hours (part-time study) per week on average. The workload can vary within the semester, however. 

There is coursework to be done also during semester breaks (the time between semesters when no lectures are held), such as writing papers, completing internships. There are 7 weeks of semester breaks per year.

We strongly recommend that part-time students do not plan for more than about 40% for employment and/or family responsibilities, as over the whole year 60% will be required for studies.

Bachelor’s degree programme, full-time study

The standard duration of studies for full-time study is 3 years, or 6 semesters (ca. 30 ECTS credits per semester). Classes are normally held Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Full-time study begins in the fall semester (calendar week number 38). We recommend that students do not  work paid employment jobs during their full-time study.

Students must complete an internship between completion of the fourth semester and graduation.

When to apply
Applications may be submitted from August until the end of January.

Module overview (full-time)

Bachelor’s degree programme, part-time study

The standard duration for part-time study is 4½ years, or 9 semesters (ca. 20 ECTS credits per semester). Classes are held on two days per week, usually Thursdays and Fridays. This makes part-time study ideal for students who have paid employment jobs (recommended: max 40%) or family responsibilities. Note that between completion of the seventh semester and graduation, students must complete an internship which does not allow for additional paid employment jobs. Part-time study begins in the spring semester (calendar week number 8).

When to apply
Applications may be submitted from February to the end of July.

Module overview (part-time)

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At a glance

Degree: Bachelor of Science ZHAW in Applied Psychology
Important: Only holders of a Master’s degree are entitled to use the professional title ‘psychologist’.

Workload: 180 ECTS credits

Duration of studies: Full-time 6 semesters; part-time 9 or 10 semesters  

Full-time or part-time study possible

Admission requirements: 1 year work experience, Federal Vocational Baccalaureate or Specialized Baccalaureate or Baccalaureate, passing results on an aptitude assessment

Programme start: Fall semester, week number 38 (full-time study) and spring semester, week number 8 (part-time study)

Application deadlines: Depends on course of study Go to application

Location of instruction: Toni-Areal campus in Zurich

Language of instruction: German; English language skills required

Tuition fee: CHF 720.- per semester

Advanced degree programme: Master of Science ZHAW in Applied Psychology

Note for students in the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Business Administration with an interest in psychology: Modules for in-depth study of ‘Behavioural Design’ for the specialization in the Bachelor’s Degree Program in Business Administration