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Analysis of Coaching Processes

Effective interventions

In a period of about three decades coaching has become a permanent fixture, Today it can be said that coaching works. What is not yet known, however, is what happens in coaching.

In this research project we are analysing the conversation between coach and client. To do this, an instrument for analysing coaching processes is being developed. The instrument will capture the interventions and tools that the coach uses and will also record the activities of the client. The combination of the two analyses will make it possible to investigate various aspects of the interaction. In addition to developing the instrument, possible areas of use of the instrument will be presented in two example applications. In the first application, interventions used in practice will be compared to textbook opinion. In the second example, the focus will be on questions as the central intervention in coaching. Here we are interested in whether clients’ responses differ depending on different types of questions asked by the coach.

Study design
Based on about 32 hours of videos of genuine coaching processes, an instrument will be developed in an inductive way and tested in three groups. The results of the exploratory study will be presented descriptively and some differences (for example, in responses to different types of questions) tested statistically.

Project leader

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