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Media Psychology

In the Media Psychology section we conduct empirical research on how people use media and what effects media use has on attitudes, motives and behaviour.

For one, we study the conditions for productive use of media and the resultant media literacy. For another, we also examine problematic aspects of media use like cyberbullying or media addiction. Further research areas are brand and advertising psychology and consumer behaviour.

Research topics

Media use

Research projects in this area mainly investigate media use by children and adolescents but also by other age cohorts.

Media education and literacy

Aspects of media use: What are the driving factors in productive and competent media use?

Problematic aspects of media use

Research projects in this area examine problematic aspects of media use.

Brand and advertising psychology

Research projects in this area focus on brands and their impacts and their effects on consumer behaviour.


Current developments stemming from research flow directly into our media studies programme. Due to our always state-of-the-art teaching formats, students may expect the greatest possible learning effect. We follow developments in teaching and review them for possible use in our courses. Specifically, we also welcome and promote the use of new media in our courses if it provides added value.


  • Media Psychology
  • Media and Communication Science
  • Counselling on Media Use


Head of Section Media Psychology



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