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Updating of the Neigungstest N-29 by Hug (1989)

Revised Screening Test

The Neigungstest N-29 [aptitude test N-29) is an instrument that is used in vocational counseling in Switzerland. It is based on motivation theory in psychology and contains 29 scales. The N-29 can be used both as a screening test and also for specific and in-depth assessment of already identified interest areas.
The N-29 was originally published in 1989 and is now one of the oldest tests. It needs to be revised for several reasons: First, changes in the world of work require a reworking of the 348 items. Second, the psychometric qualities of the test need to be improved. And third, new norms need to be calculated. The test will also be made more economical to administer, meaning that a computerized version will be made available. The updating will be done first of all for the group of young people in secondary schools with advanced classes.
Study design
An initial pretest will yield indications of how well people understand the new verbs. After that, the items and scales in the revised version will be pre-analyzed and improved based on a sample of approximately 60 young people. This beta version will then be optimized using an extensive sample of secondary school students in the Canton of Zurich and, in a further step, standardized for German-speaking Switzerland. The data will be collected school class by school class using online questionnaires.

Project leader

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Stiftung IAP zur Förderung der Angewandten Psychologie