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Evaluation of Film Education

Sensitising students for the film medium and awakening students’ interest in today’s film culture in Switzerland

Promotion of film culture


In 2009 Achaos Bildung & Information launched the project Kinokultur in der Schule (Cinema culture in the schools) with the aim to sensitise secondary school students for the film medium and to stimulate their interest in present-day Swiss film culture. Specifically, the aims were to convey how enjoyable it is to think about the content and creative aspects of film and to heighten students’ awareness of a film culture outside the mainstream. To achieve this objective, ‘Cinema culture in the schools’ produced classroom materials on current Swiss film productions, which teachers could download for free from the Achaos website, and organised special school showings of current film productions of interest for educational purposes as well as film discussions with the persons involved in the making of the films. In addition, ‘Cinema culture in the schools’ offered teachers continuing education courses on film education and teaching film and sent out regular newsletters to schools and teachers.


ZHAW conducted a first evaluation of the ‘Cinema culture in the schools’ project in 2010; the evaluation report critically examined various aspects of the project. A number of different methods were used for the evaluation. For instance, the number of downloads of the teaching materials from the website as recorded. A document analysis was conducted of the website itself. A written survey of students and teachers was conducted to obtain information on the use and quality of the classroom materials. A second evaluation of the project was conducted in 2014/2015.

For the second evaluation, students and teachers were surveyed using different data collection methods (written questionnaires, online surveys, telephone interviews). In addition, teaching materials were evaluated, and the conclusions and recommendations of the first evaluation report were reviewed. The third evaluation of the project was conducted in 2018/2019. The evaluation was based on and expanded the previous evaluation of 2015 and drew specific cross-connections to it.


The goal of the evaluation was to find out how teachers utilise the ‘Cinema culture in the schools’ offerings for promoting film culture and how students respond to the project. Based on the various findings, conclusions will be drawn and recommendations made concerning continuation of the project.


Project leader