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Consultancy Services

With counselling, coaching, diagnostics and therapy we foster the competencies of people and organizations. Clients activate their resources and strengthen the soft skills that help determine success in personal and professional life.

IAP service understanding

Use variety as a resource
At the start of every service (consulting, coaching, diagnostic assessment, therapy), we clarify the issue, agree upon the goals with the client, and together with the client decide on the further way of proceeding. We advise independently on the basis of a variety of psychological approaches. For the benefit of the clients and organizations, we utilize a wide range of science-based models and methods as appropriate to the situation and validly.

Identify and use clients’ own potentials
We always view clients’ concerns in light of the individual situations of the people and the organizations. Here we include consideration of the company-specific, professional and personal contexts. We are convinced that every person, and every organization, has developmental potential. Thanks to this basic understanding, we foster self-responsibility and an active role for clients in the advising process. We value our clients and are genuine in our dealings with them.

See the process as a part of the solution
We activate resources and uncover scope for action. This stimulates and promotes processes on the part of our clients that make sustainable (future-oriented) and practicable solutions possible. Here, transferring the knowledge gained to the organization and to the life and work spheres of the clients is paramount.

Committed to high quality
We advise in accord with what we teach, incorporating long years of psychological experience combined with up-to-date scientific evidence. We systematically evaluate and optimize our services and client satisfaction. Here we use discipline-specific and profession-specific standards.  In the advising process we reflect critically on and test our approaches and methods and adapt them when required. We feel personally responsible for the quality of our work. 

Science and practice stimulate each other mutually
As the leading institute for applied psychology in Switzerland, the IAP has provided psychological theories and methods for application in business and society since 1923. As a university institute we profit from the mutual enrichment among teaching, research, continuing education, and consulting services. Current needs in the real world and the latest findings of science and research are the basis on which we constantly further develop and enlarge our consulting services.