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Leadership, Coaching and Change Management

We offer customized services in coaching and supervision, leadership development, organizational consulting, conflict management, change process support for companies, organizations and social institutions.


Managers and employees are successful jointly. Fostering people and their abilities is an important management task. Effective leadership focuses on personal strengths and thereby increases employee performance and team efficiency. Team development is designed for managers and team members: It supports the building of effective work groups and clarification of problems and issues in the team. When people work together, conflicts can arise.

The IAP moderates conflict situations with the aim to clarify the different interests on an objective level and to develop joint solutions and foster willingness for changes. To survive in the long term, organizations must change further develop. Changes can be motivating and inspiring but can also make people feel insecure or stymied. The IAP supports companies in organizational development and in change processes. The goal is to utilize the energy of change as effectively as possible despite accompanying uncertainty.

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