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Mobilizing the Potential of the Ageing Workforce

In the economy there is a lack of skilled workers. One approach to conquering the situation of short supply is to make better use of older persons in the working population, the ageing workforce.

Pragmatic consulting method

With this project, a consulting method with practical guidelines and a matching concept will be developed that aids companies in identifying in detail, further developing, and utilizing profitably the untapped potential in the ageing workforce.

This study aims to improve use of the ageing workforce in companies. Companies should be put in a position to:

  • Increase their knowledge of the development of physical and mental abilities and competencies in the ageing process and their knowledge of changing needs, wishes, visions and expectations concerning employment
  • Via company and management culture, create an open-minded attitude towards the ageing workforce that focuses on the advantages and opportunities of utilizing older employees
  • Through mobilizing and using the self-motivation, self-initiative, and self-responsibility of the ageing workforce, increasingly establish longer and more productive work effort on their part more as a self-running process and firmly anchor commitment to the "intergenerational contract" and to changes in expectations towards working life as a fundamental attitude


Project leader



  • University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur (Center for Economic Policy Research ZWF)
  • Novartis
  • Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)
  • Head of DoDifferent consultancy
  • Metrobasel Association
  • Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) of the Federal Administration