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About us

We make knowledge from the field of psychology accessible and utilizable for all life and work environments.

Human experience and behaviour

Applied psychology deals with human experience and behaviour. Experience and behaviour come into play everywhere and at all times and are also affected by the environment. Applied psychology contributes towards quality of life, work success, and successful social interaction as well as towards the functioning of complex systems.

The ZHAW School of Applied Psychology generates new knowledge, relates the findings of psychology to challenges in the world of practice, and provides experience and know-how. Our specialists focus on specific fields of application. They share a broad understanding of psychology that integrates the different psychological approaches.

The ZHAW School of Psychology is made up of the Psychological Institute, which is responsible for study programmes and research, and the IAP Institute of Applied Psychology, which offers continuing education and consulting services. Research, teaching, continuing education, and consulting constantly inspire, influence, and challenge each other. In the transfer of knowledge and experience we further develop both our core services and methods for practical application.