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About us

The ZHAW School of Applied Psychology is the leading centre of expertise for science-based applied psychology in Switzerland.

With its bachelors' and masters' degrees, research and development programmes, and the consultancy services and further education courses offered by the IAP Institute of Applied Psychology, the department meets all the criteria for a faculty at a university of applied sciences.

Students of the ZHAW School of Applied Psychology are trained to become competent in several different fields of applied psychology, with science-based specialist and methodological skills and well-developed personal and social skills. As a result, our students enjoy a high degree of acceptance in the marketplace and in all fields of applied psychology. The teaching faculty is closely linked to the department's research and development unit and the consultancy and further education units of the IAP Institute of Applied Psychology. This requires a mutual transfer of knowledge, and allows students to gain productive practical experience in their special field.

The IAP is the university institute of the School of Applied Psychology of the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences.