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Psychological Institute

Prof. Dr. Daniel Süss
"We conduct application-oriented study programmes and research to foster the further development of society, organizations, teams, and individuals".

Prof. Dr Daniel Süss
Director, Psychological Institute

The Psychological Institute encompasses seven sections and the Centre for Education and focuses on four strategic priorities.

The Centre for Education

The Centre for Education at the Psychological Institute is responsible for organizing the bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes and is supported by the team in the Administration Office. It also provides study programme information and advising and handles admissions procedures and quality assurance of study programmes. In close cooperation with the seven sections of the Institute it continuously further develops the curricula and framework conditions of the bachelor and master’s study programmes.

We place a high value on sustainable and successful studies that provide a generalist orientation at the bachelor’s level and specialization, shaped in part by the students, at the master’s level.


Our seven sections work in close cooperation with other research units, including other specialist sections, the centre of the IAP Institute for Applied Psychology, other schools of the ZHAW, and universities.

Strategic priorities

With their know-how in teaching and research, the sections contribute towards solving individual and societal issues in the following areas:

  • Mental health and well-being
    We study the effectiveness of psychotherapy approaches and counselling methods, the quality of diagnostic methods and aspects of psychiatric and psychosocial services and examine new forms of health promotion.
  • Experience and behaviour in the context of social and technological innovations
    We examine the effects of mediatization, digitalization and the making of greater flexibility of all areas of life and the conditions for social innovations.
  • Dealing with risks and decision making
    The aim of our research is to identify and reduce risks or make them manageable and to make decision making more sound and secure.
  • Diversity of human development, forms of work and life
    We contribute towards achieving social recognition of diversity and promote the integration of individuals in society.

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