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Human Factors Psychology

What are the causes of suboptimal behaviour – suboptimal because it is unsafe or because it runs counter to achieving energy efficiency goals, for instance?

How do misjudgements relate to objective conditions? How can findings be utilized for prevention? Research conducted by the Human Factors Psychology section is characterized by detailed, meaningful analyses of given situative and personal characteristics for the purpose of providing effective support for the planning of interventions.

Research topics

The section conducts research on:

  • Traffic and safety
  • Environmentally sound mobility behaviour

Traffic and safety

Our research focuses, for example, on town centres without pedestrian crossings that feature special operating regimes and adequate design of the road space. In further projects, e.g. evaluations of bicycle campaigns, traffic psychology effects are important.

Environmentally sound mobility behaviour

Several ongoing research projects are focusing on special features of behaviour (and experience) in connection with energy-efficient mobility behaviour.




Head of Section Traffic, Safety and Environmental Psychology