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Adolescent development

In this research area we are focusing on various topics on adolescence.

Ongoing research projects

Financial Socialization

One of the central developmental tasks in adolescence is to gain autonomy. In today’s world, this includes also acting independently and competently in financial matters. This study is examining family and personal factors that play a role in the development of financial competency. Financial competency is viewed as a multidimensional construct to which, among other things, financial knowledge, behaviour and attitudes belong. We are investigating to what extent parental education, parental role model, and also satisfaction of basic human needs for belonging, competency and autonomy are associated with financial competency. The study is based on a study conducted by Prof. Dr Mihaela Friedlmeier at Grand Valley State University, MI, USA, which surveyed students in the United States, Romania and Bulgaria. In the Swiss study we have expanded the perspective to include also apprentices.

Completed research projects

MIKE Study

The MIKE Study (media, interaction, children and parents) examined media use in primary school children. Besides children’s media use, the study threw light on numerous aspects in the area of family and media. From September 2014 to January 2015 1,065 children 6 to 13 years of age and 641 parents were surveyed in the three largest language regions of Switzerland.