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Every two years over 1,000 young people aged from 12 to 19, spread across all three of Switzerland’s major linguistic regions, are asked about how they use various media. The survey includes questions about non-media leisure activities and media-related habits.

Results of the JAMES Study 2014

Smartphone saturation among Swiss young people was nearly complete in 2014: According to the JAMES survey, 98 percent of young people own their own mobile phones, with 97 percent of them owning smartphones. In 2010 only just half of young mobile phone users owned a smartphone (in 2012: 79 percent). With the advent of the smartphone, mobile phone use has also changed greatly since 2010. Young people not only make calls with their smartphones but also listen to music, surf the Internet, take photos, check their e-mail, or play games. The biggest change is the use of the mobile Internet: Whereas in 2010 only 16 percent of the young people surveyed used their mobile phones for online access daily or weekly, today that number is 87 percent (in 2012: 68 percent). 

Also without smartphones, young people in Switzerland do not lack access to the Internet: Ninety-nine percent of households with young people are equipped with computers or laptops with Internet access. But the daily duration of online use of approximately two hours on weekdays has not changed over the past few years, and on weekends also it has remained constant at three hours daily. Three out of four Swiss young people regularly use social networking online; 89 percent are registered users of at least one social network. Facebook is the most popular again in 2014, followed closely by Instagram. Google+ and Twitter have also increased their user numbers in recent years.

Non-media recreational activities have remained constant – despite smartphones, tablets, and more – since 2010: Seventy-nine percent of young people continue to enjoy meeting friends very frequently, and 60 percent sometimes relaxed doing nothing at all.


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