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Promoting Media Literacy

Building a network for media literacy


Based on the results of the research project Videogames und Medienkompetenz – Eine Bestandesaufnahme zu empirischen Daten, Institutionen und Fachleuten in der Schweiz, the development project Medienkompetenzförderung (Promoting Media Literacy) was initiated in 2009.


The aim is to build a network for media literacy to connect existing professionals and their special areas of expertise. Additional objectives are to actively promote use of new media through workshops, information and coaching, to improve the scientific basis, and thus to make the discussion on possible effects of media consumption on society more evidence-based.


In a first phase, disseminators (paediatricians, youth counsellors, teachers and psychologists and mental health professionals) should be recruited through activities of the development project. Also planned is a link with the master’s degree programme and expansion of research and development in the area of new media and use of media. The funding of research and development activities comes from third parties and is independent and project-specific.


Project leader


Swiss Interactive Entertainment Association