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Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology

We focus on psychotherapy, counselling and diagnostics with adults and children.

Together with partners in the world of practice, we study the proven worth, suitability and effectiveness of therapy and diagnostic concepts and of interventions under real-life conditions. Using this practice-oriented research approach, we investigate psychotherapies having different methodological approaches in real-world situations and conduct health services research studies, for example. An increasingly stronger focus is being put on criteria such as the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical psychotherapeutic services. We find it important, in addition to effectiveness criteria, to keep a focus on patient needs that cannot be reduced to cost savings. Framing this discourse more rationally based on facts is a main objective of our research efforts.

Another of our research interests is mental health from a prevention perspective. Psychology has broad knowledge on possible early detection and prevention measures in all age groups. We develop and conduct research projects in this area together with partners in the world of practice.

Research topics

Psychotherapy research and treatment research

Research projects in this area examine the effectiveness of different psychotherapy interventions and psychiatric treatment concepts.

Health services research

Research projects in this area examine psychiatric health services mainly in the Zurich region.

Prevention and health promotion

Research projects in this area examine measures and concepts for prevention of mental illness and for promotion of mental health.


Research projects in this area contribute towards development and evaluation of psychodiagnostic instruments.

Infant research

Research projects in this area focus on the first developmental phase of life, especially on the development of attachment between attachment figures and infants.


Research projects in the field of neuropsychology investigate associations between cognitive processes and well-being.


We are responsible for the curriculum in clinical psychology and health psychology. In the master‘s degree programme, clinical psychology is one of three areas of concentration that students may choose. The course contents in the bachelor’s degree programme are adult psychopathology and child and adolescent psychopathology. We also offer in-depth courses on mental disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, and more. The course contents in the master’s degree programme include, among others, methods of psychotherapy and special areas and issues in clinical psychology as well as specialized courses on mental disorders. Our lecturers are networked in the world of practice and have many years of teaching experience at the higher education level. Many of them also have demonstrated competencies in research.   


  • Psychopathology I & II
  • Health Psychology
  • Disorders I & II
  • Clinical Psychology I & II


Head of Section Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology



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