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Continuing education

The IAP makes sustainable learning possible. Continuing education participants take an active look at themselves. The IAP provides know-how from science and practice with a view to practical application.

Exchange and critical reflection with other students and the professors enable participants to put their competencies into differentiated practice. On this basis they can fulfil their occupational roles in their organizations with professional competence. The IAP continuously reviews the effectiveness of its continuing education programmes and optimizes them on an ongoing basis.

IAP continuing education understanding

Personal development
Exercise of occupational roles always takes place in the interplay between person and organization. One’s own person is an important prerequisite for successful functioning. Our continuing education students learn about their own strengths and development potentials in various situations. Personal development is actively fostered.

Apply know-how from science and practice
Using well-tested educational/methodological learning systems, the IAP transmits practically relevant and evidence-based professional and methodological knowledge. Continuing education students confront and critically examine their own work reality taking onto consideration psychological and interdisciplinary findings from research and practice. On this basis, continuing education participants reflect upon their own professional practice in a differentiated way and work out a variety of application options.

Understand and cultivate your relationships
The ability to build, realign, and cultivate relationships has a decisive impact on professional success. The professors and students at the IAP shape the learning process in a spirit of partnership. The active creating of relationships in the learning process accompanies critical self-reflection and assessment by others and promotes active communication in a variety of learning settings.

Put competencies into action
Acquired competencies and skills become effective only when they are concretely applied. All continuing education participants start out with their own individual abilities. Building on those, our continuing education courses systematically foster personal, professional, and relationship skills and harness them for application in everyday professional working life.