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ZInEP: Epidemiology and Psychotherapy

Collaboration in one of the subprojects of the Zurich Programme for Sustainable Development of Mental Health Services (ZInEP), which is studying issues in psychiatric epidemiology and psychopathology.

Together with the projects heads of subprojects 1 (PD Dr Vladeta Ajdacic-Gross) and 2 (Prof. Wulf Rössler, MD, and Anastasia Theodoridou, MD) at University Hospital of Psychiatry Zurich, we are investigating diverse research questions in psychiatric epidemiology and psychopathology.

In addition to writing his own papers, Michael Hengartner, as a biostatistician, also provides support to the project heads with various evaluations of the data. The overarching goal of ZInEP is to generate a better understanding of mental disorders and to allow more precise diagnoses and prognoses and more efficient provision of health services and psychiatric treatment.

Project leader