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MT literacy in university contexts

The newest generation of machine translation (MT), neural machine translation (NMT), hit the headlines a few years ago and has become increasingly popular in academic contexts and professional life. Seen by many as a great solution to overcoming language barriers, it is also associated with risks that should be considered. The goal of this part of the DigLit project is to develop MT literacy, i.e. the effective and critical use of MT through interventions of various kinds carried out at Swiss universities.


MT literacy can be fostered by raising awareness through providing relevant information and illustrating the risks, benefits and ethical issues associated with use cases.


"In discussions about digital competences, ethical aspects and human quality of life must always be taken into consideration. Media criticism also remains an important component of media competence." Dr. H., media educator, winner of the draw for an iPad in the Spring 2021 survey.


The following activities have been carried out, are in progress, or are planned:

If you are interested in attending or hosting a training session, contact us: