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School of Applied Linguistics

Communicating professionally across the frontiers of language

Applied linguistics examines the role played by language and communication in real-life situations – be it in society at large, in working life, in the educational context or the media, to name but some examples. It is thus an eminently practical discipline. This practical focus is central to all the School of Applied Linguistics' activities, which aim to apply and implement the insights which this "science of language" has to offer.

The School of Applied Linguistics is the only dedicated linguistics school in a Swiss university of applied sciences. It deals with key issues in the fields of language, communication and media, and aims to further the utility which business and society can derive from applied linguistics.

Nearly 200 staff work in the school’s four activity areas – bringing a wide range of practical and scientific skills and experience to bear in the fields of teaching, continuing education, research & development and consultancy. Sound scientific research lies at the heart of the teaching they provide in BA and MA programmes and in continuing education courses.