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ZHAW is co-host of “Zurich meets Seoul” festival

The “Zürich meets Seoul” festival is taking place from 28 September to 5 October in Seoul, South Korea, where representatives from business, politics, academia and the arts in Zurich and Seoul will meet cultivate dialogue and exchange between the two cities. The ZHAW is participating in the festival with several innovative projects, including a virtual reality game with female super heroes that will be developed on site.

New synergies with inspiring cities

This year’s weeklong event is already the fifth edition of the global series “Zürich meets Your City”, which connects Zurich with some of the most inspiring cities in the world. This year, the event has the motto “Zürich meets Seoul – A Festival of Two Cities” and is organised by the City and Canton of Zurich together with Zurich Tourism and in collaboration with the University of Zurich (UZH), the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich), the Zurich University of Arts (ZHdK), the ZHAW and the City of Winterthur. The festival aims to unite art and culture with science and technology. As at the past two festivals in  San Francisco (2018) and Hongkong (2017), the ZHAW is proud to present innovative projects at this year’s event in the South Korean capital.

ZHAW projects at a glance

Last year, some 2,500 people attended the panel discussions and performances at the “Zürich meets San Francisco” festival. And thanks to social media, the event went around the world: four million impressions were shared on Twitter and over 50 articles were published in highly respected newspapers and journals

The ZHAW will present the following projects at «Zurich meets Seoul».
Program(PDF 1,3 MB)

Shakti? Heidi? Wonder Woman? A virtual female superhero makes cities smarter

Cities are only as smart as the average man on the street – and the average woman. Yet planners and developers of “smart cities” often overlook women. That’s why the ZHAW IAM Media Lab in Winterthur is developing a virtual reality game with the goal of including women from all over the world in designing smart cities. In Seoul, an event is planned that will tap into the diversity of the audience in order to generate an intercultural narrative.

South Korea, the coffee capital of the future? Coffee researchers visit the up-and-coming coffee scene in Seoul

Coffee instead of tea – and only the best, if you please – has become commonplace in South Korea. Which is why the team at the ZHAW Coffee Excellence Center are preparing a binational coffee festival that will take place as part of the «Zürich meets Seoul» event and that aims to unite Swiss coffee and industry traditions with Asian perfection in barista craftsmanship. Chahan Yeretzian and Nina Rimpl will provide background information.

Robots instead of bank clerks and new technology for drone pilots: business as usual in South Korea

How much machine, how much human should there be in the future when it comes to providing customer service at banks or flying drones? At the “Zürich meets Seoul” festival, researchers from the ZHAW  School of Engineering and School of Management and Law will meet experts from South Korea, where digitalisation is already very advanced. Suzanne Ziegler and Peter Marcus Lenhart will offer insight into the topic.

Transparency in public finance – perspectives from Switzerland and South Korea

A third of Switzerland’s gross national product is spent in the public sector – and taxpayers want to know where the money comes from and where it goes. Standards and statistics in the area of public finance can help create transparency. Researchers from the  ZHAW School of Management and Law and experts from South Korea will discuss the topic in September 2019.