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Insights into research, academic programmes and university operations

Highlights from research

The ZHAW is leaving its mark in the DIZH cosmos

In 2022, the ZHAW participated in the DIZH with projects that dealt with the war in Ukraine, long-term infrastructure and fellowships.

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Improved personnel assessments in security-sensitive environments

In sectors such as the police or transport, being attentive and identifying and correcting errors is crucial. A new model developed supports the evaluation of these skills

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Supporting schools in the age of digital transformation

A modular course offering by the ZHAW supports schools in managing and controlling school communication in the age of digital transformation.

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The effect of bending concrete

Carbon prestressed concrete slabs developed at the ZHAW reveal the high-performance capacity of the material based on the example of a curved bench.

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Merged competencies: GEKONT and CYPHER

A centre and a network are bringing together experts for technologies in the healthcare sector and child and youth public health specialists. 

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Switzerland must reach climate neutrality before 2050

A new study has found that the goal of achieving net zero climate impact by 2050 is unfair to poorer countries. Quickly phasing out fossil energy would also create significant economic advantages.

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Sexualised violence against children: study highlights a need for action

Although clubs and associations attach great importance to preventing the sexual exploitation of children and young people, there is still potential for improvement.

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The future of transportation is being explored virtually

The Digital Mobility Lab enables researchers to tackle mobility-related questions using digital methods.

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Desire to live in a long-term home

The reasons why people want to become homeowners aren’t purely financial, while many believe a larger proportion of the population should be able to own their own homes, according to a ZHAW study. 

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A shared ethical compass

By establishing an internal ethics committee, the ZHAW is paving the way to explore ethical issues in its organisation in greater depth.

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Fewer people believe in conspiracy theories despite Covid

A ZHAW study explored Swiss people’s attitudes during the pandemic. According to the study, belief in conspiracy theories has decreased in Switzerland.

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Juvenile delinquency: number of crimes and victims on the rise

The number of adolescents who have committed or experienced violence has increased, a representative survey shows.

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Sharing and using knowledge

The ZHAW is committed to making research and teaching more accessible. In 2022, special focus was put on reusing teaching and learning resources, technical papers and research data.

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Highlights from academic programmes

Newcomer contests three competitions

For the first time, the ZHAW’s own Formula Student team Zurich UAS Racing scored in all disciplines at the Hockenheimring racetrack.

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Breeding ground for innovative solutions

“ZHAW entrepreneurship” is the place where entrepreneurial thinkers and actors come together.

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The transformation of education

The ZHAW is pooling its expertise in the new Academic Affairs Office to foster comprehensive education and learning processes in different life situations.

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Students from Ukraine as visiting students at the ZHAW

Following Russia’s invasion into Ukraine, the ZHAW took immediate action and admitted students from Ukrainian universities.

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Online course focuses on dimensions of sustainability

All of the Schools at the ZHAW have pooled their knowledge into a course on future-proof cities, food and social structures.

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Continuing education platform aims to close educational gaps

The rapidly evolving digital workplace environment requires employees to acquire new skills on an ongoing basis. The ZHAW is involved in a collaborative project that aims to make it easier for people to pursue continuing education.

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Highlights from the campus

Next generation of talent at the ZHAW

On National Future Day on 10 November, no fewer than 275 school children gained fascinating insights into various fields of work covered by ZHAW programmes.

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Saving energy together

By establishing a task force and launching an energy-saving campaign, the ZHAW took a proactive approach in addressing the looming energy shortage in winter.

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The new personnel ordinance of the Zurich Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts

The ZHAW has started to implement the requirements following the adoption of the new personnel ordinance (PVF) by the Zurich cantonal government in July 2022.

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The ZHAW is professionalising academic accommodations

The ZHAW is taking a significant step towards equal opportunities in education by standardising processes regarding academic accommodations for people with disabilities throughout the university.

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Participation and partners

Alias association given new structure

The student association now has more opportunities for its members to participate on all levels. The new structure encourages students to get involved in matters of everyday university politics.

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Networking and exchange – the most important goals of an alumni network – were once again embraced. 

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The end of the pandemic marked the beginning of the future

The end of the Covid-19 pandemic and the beginning of the implementation of the cantonal personnel ordinance shaped the year of participation by the University Conference (HSV).

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