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Research activities School of Applied Linguistics

The latest publications and projects from the School of Applied Linguistics.



  • The augmented interpreter- a pilot study on the usability of augmented reality in interpreting

    Simultaneous interpreting depends on auditory and visual information. This pilot study investigates whether a seamless integration of visual and auditory information, achieved by displaying translations of technical terms on augmented reality glasses (AR), can lower cognitive load in interpreting.  ...

  • Accessibility of ZHAW Webpages

  • Experience the Consequences of Affective Computing - Immersive Science Fiction Prototyping for Responsible Innovation

    Since future applications and consequences of Affective Computing are still vague and hard to imagine, we rely on Science Fiction (ScFi) Prototyping as a central method for our communication concept. A SciFi Prototype allows the target group, adolescents and young adults, to experience a fictional future life with ...

  • LEAD - LEarning from the pAst: Digitized past pandemics in Switzerland

    The project LEAD is designed to meet two specific needs: - data hub providing data on past pandemics in Switzerland (1890, 1918, and 1957), publicly accessible to different target groups; - selected data stories about forgotten past pandemic experiences.

  • Needs Analysis for Intercultural Training of Higher Education Employees

    The R&D unit Language Management and Globalisation has the lead in a collaboration consortium consisting of BFH, HES-SO, SUPSI & ZHAW in the context of two ongoing Movetia projects 1. High-Impact Measures for the Comprehensive Internationalization of Curricula  (No. 2019-1-CH01-OF-0017) aimed at inter-university ...