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Research activities School of Management and Law

The latest publications and projects from the School of Management and Law.



  • Strengthening Swiss Financial SMEs through Applicable Reinforcement Learning

    Over the last few years, Reinforcement Learning (RL) has gained significant attention as a framework for learning optimal decisions even in complex environments. Moreover, RL is currently considered one of the most promising research areas in machine learning and has already demonstrated immense potential for ...

  • Making AI Tangible – The ZHAW AI Demonstrator

    Die Herausforderung: Künstliche Intelligenz ist überall. Sei es Produktempfehlungen in Onlineshops, die Personalisierung von Nachrichtenstreams oder die alltägliche Google-Suche. Die enormen Fortschritte in den letzten Jahren werden aber von vielen – insbesondere fachfremden – Menschen auch zunehmend als ...


  • Evidence-based Sustainable Finance

    Through a series of conferences and workshops, this project seeks to enable investors,financial service providers, technology companies and academics to combine their know-how and build on alternative data sets and machine learning to digitalise data processing. The event series will be complemented by insights into ...

  • Digitalisation and academic writing – new practices and theory development

    Writing technology is developing at a breath-taking pace. However, there is a lack of empirical studies that reveal what these technologies mean for writing methodology and pedagogy, and of theoretical work guiding the understanding of digital writing within the academic domain. This fellowship aims to address these ...