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Research activities School of Management and Law

The latest publications and projects from the School of Management and Law.



  • Tech4SDG – Guiding Swiss Asset Managers towards High-Impact SMEs

    High-impact, social SMEs remain broadly unknown to impact investors and asset managers due to limited information and identification problems. To overcome the asymmetry of information and provide reliable guidance to Swiss asset managers, we aim to create an automated big data platform for the identification, ...

  • TikTok privacy behaviour of Swiss young people

    The social media app TikTok is heavily used by young people worldwide and is also very popular among Swiss young people. However, the app has been criticised for its low level of data protection, prompting the app provider Bytedance to step up its efforts in this area (e.g. function restrictions for people under ...

  • Digital Transformation at the Local Tier of Government in Europe: Dynamics and Effects from a Cross-Countries and Over-Time Comparative Perspective (DIGILOG)

    Digital transformation constitutes one of the most important innovations at the local level of government and is expected to reshape local service delivery, public administration, and governance in Europe fundamentally. Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the fundamental importance of a well-prepared ...

  • The ZHAW Partner Guide

    The challenge: External stakeholders such as industrial companies or start-ups are usually not familiar with the ZHAW's performance mandate and organizational structure. Therefore, these stakeholders often have a lack of information regarding possible forms of collaboration, available R&D and service offerings, as ...

  • Touchless Robotic Gripper based on Acoustic Levitation

    Touchless Robotic Gripper based on Acoustic Levitation.