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Research activities School of Health Professions

The latest publications and projects from the School of Health Professions.



  • Development and validation of a tool for advising primiparous women during early labour (GebStart-Study)

    Background Pregnant women experience early labour as the first phase of labour with different physical and emotional symptoms. Early admission to hospital has been found to be associated with increased intervention and caesarean section rates. However, primiparous women often contact the hospital before labour ...

  • Practical considerations for the application of occupational therapy at a physical distance

    The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), in collaboration with the Swiss Occupational Therapists Association, is developing a digital brochure on the use of occupational therapy at a distance for occupational therapists in the Swiss healthcare system. Spatial distance occupational therapy circumscribes all ...

  • Literature Screening for SSPH+

    Preamble A large number of scientific publications become available on a daily basis, reflecting the rapid development of knowledge and progress of science on COVID-19 related issues. Leading authorities should base decisions or policies on this knowledge; hence they need to master the actual state of this ...

  • The situation of users of complementary public transport services in Switzerland

    The Occupational Therapy Research Unit investigates the view of users of public transport-supplementary driving services on how and in which areas they experience restrictions in their mobility. Starting point Mobility plays an essential role in different areas of life. These include independent coping with everyday ...

  • Development of a training for professional storytelling to strenghten the professional identity of occupational therapists