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Using customer insights analysis for business growth in the plant-based meat and fish alternatives sector

At a glance


Wild Foods GmbH is a Swiss start-up that uses an innovative manufacturing process to produce high-quality fish and meat alternatives from plants. The range currently includes a vegan salmon alternative made from carrots and vegan dried meat made from beetroot. Organic vegetables and vegetables declared as B-goods are used in the production process, which reduces food waste.

Plant-based substitute products are in demand. However, they often contain many additives in order to come as close as possible to their animal counterparts in terms of taste, appearance and texture. Many consumers find this unnatural and unhealthy. Wild Foods has recognized this and develops products that meet the current zeitgeist with high-quality ingredients, minimal processing and good taste. However, Wild Foods' range is small, the products tend to be in the upper price segment and availability is limited. In order to appeal to more customers and increase sales, it is important to determine the optimal product-market fit. However, the start-up lacks the data to make a sound decision.

This project should help Wild Foods to analyze the interests and demands of our target group(s) and thus (i) create the basis for the development of new products, (ii) identify growth opportunities, and (iii) optimize the marketing mix of existing products. The findings of the project should help us to successfully position and exploit the market.