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Research activities School of Life Sciences and Facility Management

The latest publications and projects from the School of Life Sciences and Facility Management.



  • Classification of drone signals


  • User Assistance Systems for Smart Commercial Buildings

    ZHELIO: A User Assistance System (workbench platform) for building operators combining automation, information technology, IoT sensors, optimisation and digital modelling of assets. The envisioned system empowers users to use, interact and optimise living buildings and promote digital transformation  ...

  • Fire Blight App for Central Asia

    Based on the existing tick app in Switzerland, we will develop an app for smartphones that can inform local populations in Central Asia about fire blight, simultaneously allowing a citizen science approach for mapping the spread of this dangerous pome fruit disease. Utilizing the gathered data, a more precise field ...

  • Predictive Analytics for Hospital Supply Chain Management

    Preliminary/feasibility study for a comprehensive AI-based  solution in hospitals for demand-oriented assortment and efficient inventory Management ordering with a focus on security of supply and cost Efficiency planning of reprocessing planning of personnel deployment cost and income planning  ...